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Welcome to the Hill Elkhound Family Farm Website!
About Us
 Norwegian Elkhound Owner/
Puppy Breeder

Our family in the fall of  2014

We are a small-farm family that lives a humble, rural life a few miles outside of a central Illinois town just south of Springfield.  We greatly admire the Norwegian Elkhound breed and have chosen to raise them exclusively -- we have no other dog breed on our farm.  We are hobby breeders that produce only a few litters of puppies a year.  We cherish our integrity and simply desire to fill the need of other hearts/homes that seek an Elkhound puppy to love.     

We currently DO NOT have puppies to offer at this time.

Also, please refer to our other website: hillelkhoundfamilyfarm.com
for more detailed information :)
We believe Elkhounds to be the best all-around 
breed for our family & farm.  We do all we can to maintain the standard/quality of our dogs as we have pups to share.  We don't breed for show quality, but merely to provide other families with what we believe to be ideal pets and companions.  
We give great effort to prolong the health of our dogs & their offspring by feeding high quality food, worming/pest control current and shots up to date.  

We strive to be able to provide the pups with plenty of care and socialization (usually not too hard to accomplish with our kids helping us do that :).  We train our dogs to behave appropriately and enjoy their company everyday.  They are raised free-roaming outdoors since we have the acreage to do that, but they have kennels attached to outbuildings when they do need to be contained (for example: when we are working our farm ground, have an outdoor gathering or they are whelping).  With our set up, pups naturally learn to go outside for their "business" from an early age.  Our dogs are raised around cats, chickens, and turkeys, so have learned to respect other species presence.  

If you would like to be notified when we have pups again, please email me at the address below with that request and I will be sure to put you on the announcement list of when more puppies arrive on our farm :)

Feel free to view our photo album for pictures of all our adult dogs.

PLEASE NOTE:  The information on my website is intended to be useful to those seeking to adopt a puppy as a family pet/companion and to let you know more about who we are as responsible breeders.
 If you have any questions though, please feel free to email me and I will do my best to get you answers directly.     

(This page was last updated 9/6/15)

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